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Training BOYS on Leadership, Masculinity and Entrepreneurial Development

We are a personal development firm that focuses on training and raising, positive, transformative boys for leadership in society.

We do this through our leadership models that focus on developing and preparing young men for positions of influence in society through experiential programs, project-based learning, mentorship and outdoor adventure camps.


7 Sessions – 1hr 15 mins / session
Age: 13 – 17 years

Our iDECIDE leadership and masculinity program for boys is conducted through an online mentorship platform that allows for group discussions and sessions…


12 sessions – 1hr each
Age: 12 – 14 years

We use a leadership model specifically created for BOYS, to ignite and catalyze a mind-shift on the idea, practice and development of ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ & ‘Positive Masculinity’.

The boys are taken through a high capacity, experiential and physically challenging process; we use experiential activities to deliver our content.


5 sessions – 1hr 30mins each
Age: 15 – 17 years

What will you BUILD for the world?

Every young man has a burning desire; a drive for the amazing and transformative. To work with his hands and create something truly great!

Don’t take our word for it

What our participants / parents say about us

It’s an awesome program.. calling out the man in the boy by helping them discover/ understand themselves from a very tender age. I highly recommend

I have had the privilege of seeing the true definition of transformation through carpe diem; it has been very influential in the lives of 3 young men that I closely know and hundreds of others that have gone through their program.

in a generation where the world needs change, carpe diem is carrying its weight by changing one boy at a time and would recommend that anyone try them out. your children will never be the same again.

Mr Mungai, thank you for your heart for boys and the grit you show daily in this battle to change the world.

Their experiential programmes and project-based activities forge the best qualities in young men. Am glad I found them and my son’s interaction with the programmes is testament to the great young man he is becoming. I highly highly recommend them.

Excellent program, highly recommend

This is an excellent program for boys. The founder isn’t only passionate, he is also very knowledgable, patient and experienced.