Through time a man’s life has always followed a trajectory of hard work, resilience and persistence.

We are here because ‘men strove with gods’ and conquered not only their challenges and shortcomings but their environment and land.

The world wouldn’t have been conquered if some daring men didn’t venture beyond their borders; granted that the drive to grow and conquer the world also came with ugly consequences to humanity. But we cannot ignore the reality of the immeasurable gains that we enjoy because of those bold actions.

As is the case today; our continent and the world need bold actions, taken by resilient men who are filled with a desire to advance our world. To do that you’ll need to give your sons the tools to grow and conquer their new world; to determine how far they will go.

Here are 3 things we believe are paramount to building RESILIENCE IN BOYS


We’ve become accustomed to frowning and punishing failure in our young men thus denying them to the beauty of innovation and learning. What we fail to realize is that nothing is ever done perfectly the first time around, or the second, or the 3rd…5th and at times 40th time.

Create spaces for boys to dream, and go after those dreams.

In reality, resilience isn’t developed; it’s innately within us, but society kills it by demanding high standards from a young mind and teasing them and vilifying them because of failure.

Children don’t know failure; they only understand trying and learning.

We grow simply because of our failures.


Because failure is so integral to success you’ll need to have something compelling to keep you going.

A dream that’s greater than you.

How often do we encourage our son’s to follow dreams that look too lofty or high? But they only appear as so because of our own mental limitations; if he says he can do something let him do it. Give him the encouragement and resources necessary for him to explore, grow and conquer his own fears.

Our continent and world will only be transformed by those who dare dream greatly; William Kwamkamba

Don’t be scared/afraid of starting again. Deeply internalize that and have a ‘learn; unlearn mindset’ – a growth mindset is necessary to have the backbone of constant iteration and growth.


We fail to realize that so much of success is tied to your networks/relationships; are you in a healthy home? Is your self-esteem healthy?

Do you believe in your abilities? DO you have a fun-group? Those who encourage you and cheer you on?

Building relationships isn’t about ‘gaining and looking out for self’ – to collaborate you need to have a point of convergence with those you build relationships with – to be mutually beneficial.

Expose your son to different experiences and different people; no matter how outrageous his ideas may seem and sound. Allow him to TRY. TEST. FAIL. LEARN. TRY AGAIN


Take breaks, be alive and enjoy the beauty that is available today. Be a child and dream in wonder and amazement; connect with friends and family – exposure to new experiences will help you grow in creativity.

And most importantly have some personal time to JUST BE.

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